Welcome to Everything Chickadee

Chick (She/They) is a queer, Canadian content creator with a passion for story! They enjoy TTRPGs, video games, writing, reading & warm drinks and learning!

An Introduction to MeWho is Chick?Chick (she/they) is many things... Queer in gender and sexuality, unspecified (read undiagnosed) neurodivergent, and Canadian. She is a loyal partner, a loving sibling and a cat mom. They are a Professional Writing student with aspirations to use that down so many avenues inculding stories, blogging, TTRPG games, adventures and supplements as well as probably some less fun day-job stuff. They are obviously a content creator and all the many jobs that entails. She enjoys playing and game mastering in TTRPG sphere. A long time lover of cooking; so much so that she did it professionally. Their favourite season is autumn for the vibes, the comfy clothes and the warm drinks, or, as she likes to put it, "the warm hugs from inside." When she has the time and energy she loves to get outside even just for a little walk around the park. Last but not least she is a witch; Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cottage Witch (YFNCW) in fact!Bascially, she's a person that is down to try loads of things and has an absolute PASSION for stories.What does Chick do?As far as content creation, which is a large reason for having this site, they stream and create videos.She is very much a variety streamer so you can find TTRPG discussion segments followed by video games on Monday and Friday, just gaming on Saturday, and AP TTRPG campaign (D&D 5e) and one shots (of all sorts) throughout the month.Because of this variety they have two YouTube channels, one for gaming and one for TTRPGs. Her tiktok is both of those with some added flavour that you don't get anywhere else.They have goals to begin creating other things like TTRPG supplements, adventures etc but have to take things one step at a time so she doesn't burn the heck out.Looking to Work with Me?HMU! I'm interested in playing in One-Shots of any TTRPGs, I'm open to interviews and discussions about TTRPGs and content creation and nearly anything else you'd like to ask/talk about! Have a fun idea I didn't mention here? I'm likely down to join you in that too! You just gotta ask 😄If you are a company looking to work with me I am open to working with companies surrounding: TTRPG stuff (like dice, games and adjacent); video gaming (especially indie, story rich, horror and/or puzzle); tea and coffee; cozy stuff (like clothing, bath bombs and blankets); and, witchy stuff (like jewellry, services and spell bits.)I love to create content that mixes my stuff with your stuff; for instance when I worked with a meal service company we brainstormed food based characters and a DND Meal Service program!